Huawei and Honor may launch gaming notebooks soon
According to some Chinese sources, the Huawei and Honor brands are about to launch into the market notebooks aimed at the gaming world.

The information says that the laptops will be practically the same, only the brand is different.

Huawei and Honor can enter the gaming world with laptops

According to some Chinese sources, Huawei and Honor are preparing to launch notebooks for the gaming world.

The computers will be practically identical, but the Chinese brands will present them on different days, so that consumers understand that they are two distinct products, although what changes is only the brand. We remind you that Honor is a company that belongs to the Huawei group.

According to Honor's president, Zhao Ming, the gaming notebook segment can be a very interesting bet for the company. According to one of Ming's comments about these laptops:

These new products can bring the 10th generation Intel Core H processors and also the AMD Ryzen 4000H. They are also suspected to come with the GeForce RTX 20 graphics card.

If this information from comes true, then it's good news for video game fanatical users. This is because there will be at least two more brands offering products in the gaming segment, and they may be competitive with other well-known brands, such as MSI and ASUS.

In addition, Huawei and Honor notebooks aimed at the gaming world may have slightly more affordable prices than those already on the market.
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